Photoshop Jewelry Retouching

When you need your images of jewelry and other shiny products to appear as luminous and bright as possible, you should never go second-rate. Images are very important to your conversion process, which is why you should use Pic Buz’s Photoshop jewelry retouching services to ensure that your jewelry images look great for your customers.


When you see an image of jewelry in a magazine, every section of the picture appears bright and clear. This doesn’t usually happen naturally; in fact, after the photo has been taken, the photographer will send the image away to a professional image retoucher in order to ensure the highest potential aesthetic quality.

This process as fairly complex and believe it or not, using Photoshop to edit and retouch jewelry is a very detailed but valuable process as well.



Why You Should Retouch Your Jewelry

  • When you want to add luster to your jewelry
  • If you need to remove scratches from your jewelry images
  • When you want to add shine to a gemstone

Our Process

Pic Buz understands that in your image catalog, you need quality jewelry images that are shiny and crisp in order to drive sales. For this to happen, you customers need to see the most intricate details of your jewelry product so that they can remain informed. With this in mind, our professional designers have years of practical experience retouching wedding rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and a bevy of jeweled items. There are a few techniques that we can use for your products:

Adding Natural Shadows

Sometimes, as a result of lighting, the shadows on your jewelry images can be a bit sub-par. Through our Photoshop jewelry retouching services, we can retouch your image, remove its original shadow, and add a new more-attractive shadow in its place. This can have a tremendous effect on the image and make the jewelry item appear more attractive.

Reducing Blemishes

Jewelry images can sometimes have blemishes like dust, cracks in the material, or scratches on the metal. When this happens, it can reduce your products ability to drive conversions. Using Photoshop, our team can use airbrushing techniques to reduce the appearance of all of these blemishes so that you can have top-notch images.

Sharpening Reflectiveness

The details of your jewelry products need to be in focus in order for your customers to make purchases. If you have images that appear dull, our team has several Photoshop techniques, which can increase the level of reflection on these precious metals and gemstones. This technique requires an excellent attention to detail that is a hallmark of Pic Buz.

Color Adjustment

If you have a silver bangle that you also offer in gold, we can adjust the color of your original product image so that you won’t have to employ a new image. In addition to this, our team also has the expertise to quickly and efficiently alter the color of an image so that it looks brighter and more attractive to your customers.

What Makes Our Work So Special

Jewelry retouching requires a skilled hand if you want to have your images drive sales. Our team has years of expertise with a plethora of jewelry types, and you can depend on our responsiveness and professionalism to ensure that your products are retouched properly. If you have any questions about our jewelry retouching services, contact us.